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What do bug reports you receive look like?

If your experiences are anything like mine, you get bug reports missing vital context - they tend to look something like this:

There is a better way.

Imagine if your bug reports looked like this instead:

Welcome to BugsWithContext.

The process is simple. Connect your Trello account to our site, download (and customize if desired) our javascript file, and embed it in your app. A 'Submit Bug Report' button will appear in the bottom right of your website. When users click it, they can type out a bug report, and hit submit. And... that's it. Our javascript will take a screenshot of the user's page, and capture all meta data (like browser, url, and even recent javascript errors) - and then stick all these on a new card in your Trello account automatically.

From your user perspective, there is no real difference - they are still just submitting a bug report with a brief bit of text, and they don't need to install anything special on their computer. But from your perspective... you get their bugs FULL of all relevant contextual information, immediately - no back and forth emails required.

Get started now - it's free.

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Us vs. Competitors

  • Bugherd calls itself "The Feedback Tool for Websites"
  • Bugherd has their own Trello-like interface to use (though through Zapier you can have it integrate to other tools like Trello). We... just integrate to Trello.
  • Bugherd can be installed via a browser extension OR a javascript snippet they control and host. We solely offer a javascript snippet that YOU control and host, and can edit to your heart's desires (adding new features, custom logos, etc).
  • Both apps support bug reports from unauthenticated users / guests.
  • Both apps offer automatic capture of screenshots and meta data like IP/browser/OS/screen size information.
  • We also capture the latest javascript error, and allow you to extend it and track any additional items you like by modifying the javascript (custom fields, user information, etc)
  • Bugherd also captures the exact location on a web page that an issue is reported using their 'cisual site overlay'. By default, we only offer a full page screenshot (though since you control the javascript, you could extend it to allow the user to draw a box, or mark a specific point if desired)
  • Bugherd prices range from $6.50 a user (small teams) down to $2.50 a user (large teams). We... are free - we use Trello, and you host our javascript file yourself, so our costs are negligible.